Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Wonders

At long last, I have added Winter Wonders to MY STORE. What was the hold up, you ask? I, um, forgot. Aren't I a pro? Hey, I am new to this store thing! I've been selling for less than a month, cut me some slack, lol!

I probably am not supposed to say this about my own designs, but I LOVE THIS KIT. This color palette is just beautiful, and there are some gorgeous elements in here! I love the alpha, too, which is made to look like chiseled ice. Winter Wonders is a kit to celebrate the beauty of the winter season. I am not a fan of cold, mind you, but even I must admit that there is a beauty to this season that is simply incomparable. The way the frost creeps up the windows and trails along the edge of every leaf, the slow descent of big fat snowflakes, the whole world clean and new after a fresh snow fall...

Winter Wonders includes 20 papers, 5 full size glitter sheets, a full alpha, and more than 30 elements!

Here are some layouts I did with this kit:

Here is a layout my CT member Lórien (of Lórien's Workshop) did:

And here are layouts my "Guest CTs" (for lack of a better term) did with Winter Wonders. The first is by Sarah (of Sairi Designs), the second is by Raquel (of Build a Memory), and the final two are by Robin. Thank you to all of you ladies for doing such an excellent job showcasing my kit!

You can buy Winter Wonders HERE, and great news! Like everything else in my store, it is 50% off for the month of February!

I would love to see any layouts you make with Winter Wonders, and keep in mind that I am still seeking regular CT members as well if anyone is interested!

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