Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Designer Darling Round 4

Wow, this was a tough round. I initially thought it would be easy for me, as the challenge this time was to make a kit completely from scratch. I consider myself a "from scratch" designer, as 95% of my elements start with a blank canvas and my imagination. But before this challenge, I never realized how important my extensive stash of styles, custom shapes, brushes, and overlays has become to me! Designing without them felt like designing with one hand tied behind my back! But what is a girl to do? I reset to defaults and I played with Photoshop and I learned about a billion new things! Everything in my kit is FROM SCRATCH (for real this time!), with the exception of the overlay from the CU kit we were given, which I used on one element. And I love it! I am so proud of this kit, and I can't wait to expand it into full size.... though I don't think I will stick to the "from scratch" rules with the expansion! I miss my styles!

This theme is a bit of a departure for me, as its sort of a boyish theme and I have a girl, and its filled with creepy crawly bugs and even a bird, and I hate bugs and birds! But I tried to keep the color palette neutral so it would work for boys and girls, and as it turns out, bugs are lots of fun to make! Presenting "Backyard Explorer":

The download link can be found in THIS THREAD. Please check back tomorrow for the voting poll, I would appreciate your continuing support. I've made it this far, I want to go all the way!

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