Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vote for ME!!! ;)

Asking you to vote for me to be Designer Darling makes me giggle... I am imagining myself being offered a crown and a sash, my mascara (which I don't even wear...) smearing as I cry tears of joy. "Designer Darling" REALLY sounds like a beauty pageant. And I guess it kind of is, in a way, but its the beauty of the designs that is being eyeballed instead of my... well, you get what I am saying! :P

Anyway, VOTE FOR ME!!! You have to register for the forum, but its relatively painless, and besides, its a great community! My submission is called "Callaluna Creations/ Duck... Duck... Bath!" It looks like this:

Links to the download thread can be found in my previous post.

Thank you, and again, I appreciate the support!

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