Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and a Black Friday Freebie!

Hello all! I am still behind on everything, so this "Happy Thanksgiving" freebie has turned into a "Happy Black Friday" freebie! But that works - there are tons of sales and freebies out there in the digital scrapbooking world this weekend!

This mini was inspired by a fabulous picture of a bacon weave my friend Melissa Lung Wilmarth made. As soon as I saw the picture, I knew it had to be a paper, and this kit grew from there. I had planned to make this into a full kit, but perhaps I will do an add-on at some point.

I hope you enjoy this silly little mini! I call it "Sunny Side Up!" As always, I would LOVE to see any layouts you make with it! Email me at

Download Sunny Side Up HERE!

Here is a layout I made with the mini! While my daughter and I were in the states visiting this summer, we frequently went out to breakfast with the family at the restaurant where my stepsister works. Lots of fun pictures!

Be sure to visit all your favorite designers today to see what sales and freebies they have up to celebrate the biggest shopping day of the year! In particular, be sure to visit Wendy at Scrappin' Sisters, I know she has a fabulous freebie coming out today! Swing by and pick it up and be sure to tell your friends about all the fabulous freebies you find here, there, and everywhere!


  1. i downloaded the papers and elements, but now it says that i can't open it. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. Sorry you are having trouble, Marianne. I just downloaded it from the link to double check, and it opened fine for me. I have had this happen sometimes while I am downloading stuff for my stash, too. Sometimes a file gets corrupted during the download process and when you try to open it it goes all wonky. When it happens to me, I always just delete the damaged file and re-download. I've never had a problem the second time I've downloaded something. If you continue having trouble with it, though, email me at and we'll figure out a way to get it to you!

  2. Thank you Heather I love this mini.

  3. You're welcome Raquel! Thanks for checking out the rest of my blog while you were here! :)