Friday, March 14, 2014

New Release: A Pox Upon You

Last month, my poor daughter had chicken pox. We live in a country that doesn't yet vaccinate against it, so I knew it was coming. When I heard there was a bit of an epidemic in our town, I knew it was only a matter of time. 17 children from her class got them at the same time! She got them quite severely, and she was pretty miserable. Her little body is still covered in polka dots weeks later!

And, as always, I found inspiration in my child! I present my new release, A Pox Upon You:

As I was working on this kit, I kept thinking of various medical/health related things I wanted to make that didn't quite fit with the chicken pox theme. So I started making them and tucking them away. Coming soon, I'll be releasing a coordinating mini kit or two, maybe some more papers and some word art. This will be my first collection, and I am calling the collection Time To Get Ill. *chuckle* Anyone else get that?

Although A Pox Upon You is focused on chicken pox, there is plenty in the kit that could be used for any sort of "get well soon" layout. Its really a versatile kit! Here is a page I made with it:

A Pox Upon You is on sale through March 20th for only $2!!!

Be sure to check out the rest of my store as well - I have a 17% off sale for St. Patricks Day:

As always, I would love to see anything you guys may create with the kit!

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