Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Designer Darling Freebies Links!

Hi! I apologize, but I am not going to manage the play along for Round 5 of Designer Darling. I just cannot seem to stay healthy for five minutes....

BUT, I wanted to share the links to everything I did in the contest, in case you had trouble registering at STS and were unable to download them. These are LIMITED TIME freebies, as I loved everything I did so much that I plan to clean it all up and expand it and pop it into my store at some point. Speaking of my store, did I mention I am Designer of the Month and have a 33% off sale during March to celebrate my daughter's third birthday?

For Round 1, I made Duck, Duck, Bath:

That can be downloaded HERE.

There was also an add on for Duck, Duck, Bath:

That is available HERE.

For Round 2, I made Derby Girl Wannabe:

You can get that HERE.

For Round 3, I did A Case of the Sniffles, which is CU-friendly:

Snag that HERE.

And last but not least, I submitted Backyard Explorer for Round 4:

That is available HERE.

I made an add-on for that one, too:

The add on is HERE.

I hope that helps those of you who had trouble registering! Remember, grab them now because I am going to remove the links eventually! Thanks again for all of the support I received while participating!

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