Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Template Maker (and a freebie!)

When Raquel from Build a Memory emailed me to tell me her newest product was a Template Maker, I thought, "Uh oh." I have never used a template for a scrap page, and I have certainly never made one (unless my Facebook timeline template counts, which it shouldn't since it simply provides the correct dimensions to make your own timeline photo). How on earth was I going to be useful as a CT for this one? But once I had a look at it, I got kind of excited and thought, "I can do this!"

The kit comes with a bunch of vector shapes AND a Custom Shape file (.csh) for Photoshop! And its only $2.99!! Have a look:

This kit makes it SO EASY to make your own template! I just thought about layouts I have made in the past and what I liked about them, and then started playing with the kit. I've already found the custom shapes handy for other uses, too! Basic vector shapes are endlessly useful as a designer AND as a scrapper, whether you're interested in creating templates or not. With a couple of quick steps in Photoshop or your program of choice, you can use these vectors or custom shapes to create your own custom journalling cards and simple elements for your pages!

This is what I came up with for my first ever template:

I am quite pleased with it, for a first attempt! I'm planning to challenge myself further and actually USE this template to make a scrap page, so you can expect this post to be updated in the near future! But don't worry, I'm going to share! If you're a template lover, I'd be thrilled if you would DOWNLOAD IT HERE and try it out for me! I would love to see any layouts you come up with (email them to callalunacreations@mail.com), and I'd love some feedback. Do you like the template? Should I make more? It was easy to do and kind of fun, so if there is an interest I will make more in the future. If you have any tips to make future templates better, I am open to suggestions!

Enjoy the free template and be sure to hop over to the Build a Memory store at Stuff to Scrap to pick up the Template Maker and her other fabulous products!

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