Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is my very favorite holiday, and I've been hard at work on a mini for you all. It was exciting for me, because it seems like I am always working on stuff for blog trains or challenges using someone else's theme and someone else's palette. This time I made what I felt like and I made my own palette. I also used this opportunity to explore the use of custom shapes and brushes (you NEED to check out the amazing freebies at Obsidian Dawn!), Photoshop actions (thank you to Sugarbutt Designs and Delicious Scraps!), and templates (check out Scrap and Tubes). In general, I just used this mini as an opportunity to explore and discover new techniques and to PLAY! I had a great time making it, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Download This Is Halloween here!

Have a happy and safe Halloween! Please take a minute to leave a comment and if you like this, why not check out the other freebies on my blog? Better yet, why not become a follower so you'll always be the first to know when I put up something new?


  1. Thank you for this creation :) I really like your papers and the candies. :) Especially the "Spittles" :)

  2. Thanks for being part of the blog train! I stopped to take a look at your other pieces and have loved them! Thanks!

    1. Yay, thanks for looking! Send your friends! :D