Sunday, September 30, 2012

October 2012 STS Road Trip

Road Trip!!!! The theme this month was "The Big City."

I've created two alphas this month. "City Skyline" lines up to create a really neat skyline effect along your border. I'm working on a scrap page of pictures I took recently in Bruges and it looks really cool with this alpha! I included blank buildings if you want to use them as elements, as well. The "Rush Hour" alpha was so much fun to make! I spent ages working on the cars, which I built by tracing basic shapes from pictures of cars and stacking them up until I had a complete vehicle. Then I added textures to make them look more "scrapbooky" (new word there) and colored them to match up with the Road Trip palette. I think I'll be offering a recolor of this alpha soon, as I would like it more with a wider color range. This alpha is really 5 alphas in one, as I included the complete alpha on each vehicle so you can mix and match as you like. Again, I included the blank vehicles for use as elements if you so desire. And I also included a handy road for you to line them all up on! It seems like these two alphas took ages to complete, they were both complicated in one way or the other. I'm really happy with how they turned out, though! I hope you all enjoy them! The papers I included are notable only because I used pictures I took as textures, so that was kind of fun to work with. I've been snapping "texture" pictures everywhere I go lately!

Snag my contribution here!

Now... on to the next stop!

Here's your road map!

3.. 2.. 1.. Scrap!
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Joyful Expressions
Shuckclod's Stuff
DreamyNest Designs
WinksArt Graphics
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Sweet Maple Scraps
Saphira's Scraps
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This Little Missy
Desert Digi Scrap
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Callaluna Creations<---You are here!
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Scraps by Missy

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  1. Thanks for sharing your talent. Love the creative alphas!

    1. You're very welcome! Thanks for the nice comment!

  2. WOW! Your portion of the blog train BLEW me away! The alphas are SO creative - I adore the buildings alpha especially. And I love to use textural photos of my own as backgrounds, so I love your papers - the pebbles are great, and whatever did you photograph to get that waffley texture? You amaze me - keep it up! Thank you so MUCH for sharing your hard work!!

    1. Eeeeeee! I have the hugest smile on my face! I just love getting nice comments!

    2. Oh, and to answer your question - the waffly texture was along the edge of the public pool. I was taking pictures of my daughter swimming with her papa and my lens strayed a bit, lol!

  3. Very cool and unique alphas. Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks for your pretty, unique contribution!

  5. Cute, love all the alphas and vehicles, thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for your part of the Big City Road Trip. It's been a pretty awesome ride with some talented stops :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your part to this awesome road trip

  8. Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the download? When I click on the download link in mediafire it says 'This link appears to be broken'


    1. Link still works fine for me.... Anyone else having trouble? Jobee, if you're still having trouble, email me at and I'll send it to you directly. Sorry!

    2. I've just tried it on a different computer on a different network & it worked!! Not sure what the problem was.


    3. Oh great! So glad you got it! Sometimes Mediafire has little blips, its happened to me before when downloading for my own stash!

  9. Didn't get the rest of the road trip but that's okay, I'm very selective anyway. Really like the 'city skyline', the road and the textured paper. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. I just loaded the kit and I am so impressed with the detail that you went all out with! The buildings with and without the letters and the variety of vehicles you put in is amazing! Again, thank you for sharing!

    1. So glad you like it! I am a scrapper first and a designer second, so I always try to give what I would want if I were using it! I would LOVE to see something you made with it!